Kristen and Clouds of Sils Maria on Twitter.

@labuzamovies: And yes K-Stew fans, she owns the role. Does so much with her gestural approach I was taken aback at her approach. Constantly inventive.
@DavidPoland: Clouds of Sils Maria is the most Kristen Stewart of any role I have seen her play... funny, interested, thinking, demanding & shy. #Cannes
@dlerer: Está excelente Kristen Stewart en SILS MARIA. Parecía hablar de sí misma todo el tiempo... #Cannes2014
@mmiedl: Somebody is very much in love with Kristen Stewart. #CloudsOfSilsMaria #Cannes2014
@cinemateaser: Kristen Stewart est excellente dans Sils Maria. Vraiment excellente.
@KarstenM: I really, really liked Assayas' CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA; a lil' chamber piece w/ wonderful acting by all involved, yet Stewart steals the show.
@gemko: Clouds of Sils Maria (Assayas): 67. Relentlessly brainy, to the point where it's constantly interpreting itself. Really sharp, though.
@gemko: Also, Kristen Stewart is amazing in an incredibly tricky role. The temptation to do more than she does (fatal) must've been great. Brava.
@ANSA_Cannes: Sils Maria di Assayas, applausi alla prima stampa. Ottima interpretazione di Juliette Binoche e Kristen Stewart
@TaybackX: SILS MARIA: Necessarily stilted with a layer of coldness that will most likely divide a lot of people Binoche/Stewart show this #Cannes2014
@TaybackX: The acting is great all around, Binoche and Stewart have several great dialogues that are sure barnburners. #Cannes2014 #silsmaria
@TaybackX: Definitely top five of #Cannes2014 , no question. #SilsMaria
@jonfrosch_f24: Strong finish to #Cannes2014 with Assayas' captivating, playful, resonant Clouds of Sils Maria. Binoche+Stewart the odd couple of the year.
@jonfrosch_f24: Kristen Stewart will have haters rethinking things after seeing Sils Maria. She is superb. #Cannes2014
@robbiereviews: Clouds of Sils Maria (Assayas): Rich, complex, teasing life-is-play, play-is-life meta-lark. Kristen Stewart particularly fab. #Cannes2014
@HitFixGregory: Kristen Stewart playing parallel upon parallel of her own life in #CloudsOfSilsMaria
@HitFixGregory: Clouds of Sils Maria is the movie about Hollywood and our entertainment culture that Maps to the Stars wants to be. #cannes2014
@HitFixGregory: Kristen Stewart has never been more relaxed on screen than in #CloudsOfSilsMaria #cannes2014
@passeurcritique: #SilsMaria review #KristenStewart #ChloeGraceMoretz #JulietteBinoche 3 déclinaisons du métier d'actrice.
@Jake_Howell: CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA: among other generally positive things (I enjoyed it), Kristen Stewart's best role. #Cannes2014
@djphilip: Sils Maria ( Assayas) : brillant film de cloture #Cannes2014
@jhoffman: CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA is smart & elegant. Basically all Binoche & Kristen Stewart, and K-Stew holds her own. Great role for her. #cannes2014
@studioexec1: Clouds of Sil Maria: there's this great young actress in it. Kristen Stewart. Keep an eye out for her, she's gonna be big. #Cannes2014
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And we were dancing, dancing. Like we’re made of starlight

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Robsten alphabet

        ↳ R :  R E A L

Big thank you to my lovely friend Ana who helped me to find the right word for this post! (:

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Taylor Swift backgrounds! Like/reblog if using and please credit @RKTay on Twitter.


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Signed Taylor Swift close-up, side background (#f9ebf5). Like/reblog if using and please credit @RKTay on Twitter! :)

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